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Like any other successful business, our business is based on straight talk and trust. To remain a leader, San Clemente Financial & Insurance Services Inc. works on building that trust every day by being knowledgeable, responsive, dependable, and competitive.

Our staff is as experienced and educated as any in the industry. You can rely on them to provide honest, timely information. We've also spent time and resources developing a full spectrum of tools to communicate with you about changes in the industry and in your coverage. And, we make sure that communication is confidential and secure. Because we have access to a wide variety of underwriters, we can assure that your coverage is comprehensive and competitive.

It's been said that a person should be judged by what they do, not what they say. We believe that, especially when it comes to giving back to our community.

That's why our company and our agents are actively working with a number of local organizations to improve our community, including CASA and the Military Warriors Foundation. By committing to our community and getting involved, we believe our agents are better able to understand the unique needs of the people who live here. People like you. Service is really what our business is all about. There's no mystery or magic about it.

Excellent service takes hard work. At San Clemente Financial & Insurance Services Inc., we understand the value of reliability and performance. To remain successful, we must earn your trust by making sure that what you get is what you expect, and then some. That's why we pride ourselves every day on being as knowledgeable, responsive, dependable, and caring as possible.

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